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You can now listen to all the episodes!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog but I’ve finally figured out how to podcast this show without relying on Soundcloud! (Thanks Wayword Radio…!)

It doesn’t look very pretty right now but all the audio is there, simply click on the title. You can download the mp3 files as well. Hopefully I can get it to look nicer soon.

In the meantime, I’ve started up another project. I figured that if I want to be an effective science communicator, I better start practicing. I started a science blog as a training ground for getting my writing and researching skills up to par. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

To anyone reading this, thanks for sticking around for so long. I really appreciate the feedback for my first forays into public radio and I hope we get to meet through the airwaves again one day!




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Hello everyone!

Since the show ended, I’ve been having some issues looking for hosting of my large sound files. I was previously using SoundCloud, but quickly reached my audio limits. I decided to pay for their unlimited plan while I looked around for other options that would allow embedding and streaming. 

I didn’t make any money through the show nor do I ever plan to monetize it, since it was done mainly for my own fun and experimentation (although, if even one other person enjoys listening, my heart soars). Currently, it’s not sustainable to continue paying for space on SoundCloud, so I’ve reverted it to the free account. This means that most of my shows will not be available for streaming.

I will be posting links to download the individual podcasts soon, and I will continue to look for a suitable, free (if not as fancy as SoundCloud) way to distribute the audio.

Thanks for bearing with me all this time!




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Episode 10 – Culture Shock (Finale)


This is the last episode of Convos at the Counter, where we explore some stories regarding culture, especially examining some things that happen when two cultures collide. This week’s guests are Jennifer Ock, Joy Shropshire, and Grace Kim.

This is also our last episode of the show, I’m graduating and will no longer be able to continue at KUCI. But fear not, I have some plans in store, particularly for making a visual aspect of this show come alive. Look for that in the future. I won’t say any more as of now, heh.


Thanks for listening everyone!


Episode 8 – Phobias

What do coral, coccolithophores, bowls of blueberries, marbles, fish, and birds have in common?

Well, people have a phobia of them. This week, we’re hearing stories about phobias concerning all of the above. Special thanks to our three guests this week, Jennifer Duong, Lisa Ko, and Stephanie Mikamo.

Hit the jump to see some photos of trypophobia, in particular.

Disclaimer: we’re not responsible for any adverse effects caused by viewing these photographs, so if you know you’re trypophobic, or get grossed out by looking photographs of the afforementioned objects, please direct yourself elsewhere.

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