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Episode 10 – Culture Shock (Finale)


This is the last episode of Convos at the Counter, where we explore some stories regarding culture, especially examining some things that happen when two cultures collide. This week’s guests are Jennifer Ock, Joy Shropshire, and Grace Kim.

This is also our last episode of the show, I’m graduating and will no longer be able to continue at KUCI. But fear not, I have some plans in store, particularly for making a visual aspect of this show come alive. Look for that in the future. I won’t say any more as of now, heh.


Thanks for listening everyone!

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Episode 9 – Awkward Encounters with the Opposite Sex

This week, boy and girls meet. Sometimes, hilarity ensues, and maybe for one party. This episode contains some of these possibly cringe-worthy moments, but that’s totally okay because it’s probably happened to you before.


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Episode 5 – Perfect Pitch

Hello again! This week we have something extra special and sort of different than our usual episodes. Usually I have 2 guests and each guest stars in half the show with their own story and they come in separately and all that. This week, we’re being hip and breaking that pattern to bring you 4 guests in our studio… at the same time!

This week’s episode is dedicated to the phenomena that is perfect pitch! To find out what that is, and how it affects the people who have it, hit play right up there.

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Episode 3 – New Kids on the Block

Hello everyone! We’re back this week with more stories and more people for you to meet. I’m getting over that cold so I no longer sound funny.

This week on the show, we hear stories from two talented, up-and-coming creative people. First up is Calvin Chu, a new musician who has just released his first album. After him we have Jonathan Liao, a new actor, to give us a glimpse into the acting industry.

Also, hit the jump for loads of extra content, including music, more interview material, and photos!

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